No matter what they are: Corgi, Husky, Poodle, Retriever, you name it, food is going to be a problem.

While some owners are strict with the quality of the food for their paw-friends; some are quite chill about it. Crispy fried chicken, left-over steak or store-bought sausages, are surprisingly dogs’ favorites, also, pretty convenient for owners; no trash, save money.

Even though your buddies just love them so much, those human food will cause some effects, in a bad way, for dogs. You need to remember that dogs and humans are different, totally different in terms of biology, obviously, and the nutrients we need for our lives. There’re things which are not safe for dogs contained in our human food. Too much Sodium can directly affect the kidneys, but often, it’s got underestimated.

So, we, human, really need to pay attention to what we are feeding to our loyal friends. Selecting the treats, wet food or dry food which are especially made for dogs is the best way to go!

Of course, the affordable dry food is the ideal food for dogs for so many pet lovers, but no one can deny the fact that the wet food and the freshly cooked one are much more delicious. If you’re experiencing the same problem: having your dog eating only human food, or they just get bored of dry food one day, we have some tips to share with you today.

Palatability is the key.

1. Change the brand: Like humans, sometimes they just get bored with the same old taste every meal. Try gradually adding the new brand to the regular dry food for different taste and smell.

2. Swap to wet food or mix wet food with the kibble: Wet food is always a win. Try swapping to wet food from time to time or adding a little wet food to mix with the kibble to enhance the flavor.

3. Use dog treats: Even the picky eaters fall for this trick. Try putting a small piece of treat into the dry food. However, some of our beloved dogs are too smart for that; they dig for only the treat and left the dry food even dryer in the bowl. Try using the creamy dog treat as a topper, or mixing it with the kibble so that our paw-friends can no longer be picky about it. No wonder, they will run towards the bowl as soon as they sense the tempting smell of the treat.

INABA gives you a variety of dog wet foods and treats to choose from.

“Wan Churu”, our famous creamy dog treat is made with high-quality ingredients and by recipes originally from Japan. It is not only yummy and full of flavor, but also enriched with nutrients, comes with 3 recipes which all containing Chitosan, especially made for our beloved canine.

1. Wan Churu Chicken and Tuna

Made with Premium Pacific Tuna, enriched with Omega 3, Collagen, Iodine, Vitamin B and Protein for the better health of our dogs, especially for their skin and hair.

2. Wan Churu Chicken and Soft Bones

Supplemented with Shark Cartilage and Chicken Cartilage, full of Glucosamine Hydrochloride for the stronger joints and bones of our favorite friends.

3. Wan Churu Chicken and Vegetables

Combined with Fructo-Oligosaccharides and nutritional power-packed Yellow and Green Vegetables, high in various vitamins and minerals, boosting the overall heath, absorption, and digestive efficiency.