The Inaba CIAO™ brand is rooted in our family tradition of delivering the best ingredients and products to our customers. In 1805, Mr. Yoshizo Inaba started his business in Japan, harvesting fresh tuna from the sea, while providing high quality food to families throughout Japan. Building on our seafood harvesting heritage, Inaba Foods branched into pet food in 1958 and in 1989, the Inaba CIAO™ brand was born.

Our company continues to thrive in the 21st century. Today, Inaba CIAO™ is the most popular brand of premium cat dinners and treats in Japan, with our products available throughout the world.


With our will to delight every cat and dog around the world, a wide variety of INABA CIAO treats and foods are created to let your pets enjoy every second of the meal.


The legendary pioneer item from INABA. The human food can series come in 3 categories: Tuna can, Saba can, and Curry can. With carefully selected ingredients and standardized procedure, you can be assured of the quality and lusciousness from our Japanese recipe.

Delighting Time with us!